The “Sundae Sound” recording studio was started circa 1980 in Calgary Alberta, Canada. It was the brainchild of record producer Doug Wong and engineer/musician Nigel Blagborne, and would eventually be co-owned by Rob Bartlett and Dave Horrocks.

Many notable clients recorded there, including Ian Tyson . The work garnered accolades in the form of Juno awards and nominations, countless industry awards, and best-selling albums including a platinum record by Jan Arden.


In addition to music projects such as “Adventures in Paradise”, the studio was now recording CFCN’s televised music shows “One Night Stand”, the long running Christian TV show “To You With Love”, and a number of highly successful advertising campaigns such as the Leon’s Furniture jingles (just to name a few).

During this period Sundae employed a number of local engineers and producers such as Doug Faires, Jim Grey-Noble, Gabby Bouchard, Jerry Proppe, Louis Sedmack, Adrian Chernwol, Frank Lockwood, Dave Horrocks, CBC’s Rick Fenton, Don Pennington, Les Seminuk, and many others — including Rob Bartlett.

Some of the notable artists that would remain as long-term clients include Ian Tyson, Ronnie King of The Stampeders, Jim Clench of April Wine and B.T.O., Buckshot and Bennie, and Amos Garrett.

In 1991, with the departure of Nigel Blagbourne, ownership of the facility changed hands; Rob Bartlett and business partner David Horrocks then purchased it. The ‘new’ Sundae continued to prosper, then in 1992 Bartlett and Horrocks then moved Sundae Sound to 624 Beaver Dam Road N.E. Calgary, the former location of Steve Graupe’s “Smooth Rock” recording studio (David Foster recorded the music for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics in this facility). This gorgeous 1,100 square foot studio featured 25 foot ceilings, a 600 square foot control room with TAD monitors, was designed by world famous Tom Hidley and constructed by Rudy Breuer.

In 2001 after 21 years of recording at Sundae Sound, Rob Bartlett discussed the sale of the facility with business partner David Horrocks. Following much debate and careful consideration, it was decided that Dave Alcock would purchase the business. Alcock moved the studio into the “Q Sound” facility, which was then unoccupied. Dave successfully operated the studio until 2011 at which time he closed the operation to pursue other interests.

Some of the highlights from this period include Juno Nominations for “Huevos Rancheros”, Compadres (Jim Kelahan and Oscar Lopez), Tanya Tagag and Amos Garrett, a platinum record by Jan Arden, and Canadian Music Awards Studio of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

The Sundae Sound Studio gratefully acknowledges the outstanding work of its staff, freelance engineers, and producers; Dave Alcock (who would eventually purchase and operate the studio), Kristian Leslie, Jarred Kemper, Jamie Kidd, Collin Lay, Doug Goddard, Tim Leacock, and Jeff Drummond.